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BeautiFill is the first laser-based fat transfer technology that offers all-in-one liposuction and fat transfer allowing natural body sculpting and facial contouring. This cutting edge fat transfer technology now enables you to permanently remove unwanted fat and then use it to enhance other parts of the body or face! 

BeautiFill is the first and only seamless fat transfer process making it possible to go from fat harvesting to fat injection in a single step. During a BeautiFill fat transfer procedure, 90-98% of the removed fat cells removed from the patient survive and are suitable for fat transfer into other areas of the body, meaning there is more natural fat to work with when enhancing breasts, shaping the buttocks or filling facial lines and contours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During the BeautiFill treatment, gentle but powerful laser energy is emitted under the skin to dislodge fat cells from the area being treated – such as the stomach, thighs, love handles, hips or back. Once removed, the living fat cells are then injected back into the area of the patient’s body where volume has been lost, typically adding to area areas such as the buttocks, breasts and even the hands and face.

Fat retrieved by BeautiFill can be injected into a flat, sagging or smaller buttock to give it a more rounded and lifted appearance. Smaller, sagging or asymmetrical breasts can also be enhanced, lifted and rounded which can be done more subtly and naturally than breast implant surgery. For anti-aging and facial rejuvenation, transferred fat cells can be injected into the cheek, chin, tear troughs (beneath the eyes), temples, jowls and most other facial areas.

One of the many advantages of BeautiFill over other fat loss or body contouring procedures is that only one single treatment is needed for immediate and permanent results.

Patients will see both immediate fat loss in the liposuctioned area – and immediate visible volume in the fat transfer area. Once moved, these fat cells will never return to the trouble area. Additionally, the improvement noticed in the area where the fat was transferred to will last for years because the living fat cells become a part of the treated area.

No. BeautiFill is an outpatient procedure performed by Dr. Russon in our Lehi, Utah office while the patient is completely awake. Using local anesthetic to numb any pain and avoid discomfort during the procedure and fat transfer injection.
Because BeautiFill uses laser energy to remove fat cells rather than mechanical separation like traditional liposuction, there is considerably less swelling and bruising. While it depends on the areas treated and the volume of fat that was removed and restored, a period of mild swelling, bruising and soreness may last for 24-72 hours. Most patients are able to resume their normal daily activities by the next day.
BeautiFill fat transfer is very safe! The human body will not reject its own cells, so there is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction. Additionally, general anesthetic is not needed, making it a safer procedure than a breast enhancement surgery or a butt lift surgery.

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