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Diamond Facial

Diamond Facial

Diamond Facials, also known as Microdermabrasion, are a technique which gently exfoliates and removes the top layer of the skin using diamond chips that are bonded to the tip of the wand applicator. Then the exfoliated skin cells will be vacuumed away using gentle suction.

This treatment will help diminish the look of sun damage, acne scarring, stretch marks and discoloration while stimulating your own collagen and elastin. Microdermabrasion also stimulates the vascular circulation to the skin which results in healthier and overall firmer appearance of the skin.


After 1 Treatment, Skin Will Appear:

  • Brighter

  • Healthier

  • Smoother

  • Clearer, Unclogged Pores

  • More even skin tone

Schedule your Diamond Facial today or call our office to learn more!

LEHI UTAH OFFICE 801-407-9002

We recommend scheduling a regular once a month Diamond Facial / Microdermabrasion treatment to see continued improvement and glowing results.

You can expect to see instant results of tighter and brighter skin. You will also notice continued overall skin improvement over the next 6-12 weeks as your skin responds to treatment.

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