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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do accept HSA cards as a form of payment for treatments and procedures performed at our office. 

We do accept Care Credit at Beautiful U Med Spa!

We also offer payment plans through PatientFi.  Payment plans for procedure amounts range from $200 – $40,000 and your first payment will not be due until 30 days after your treatment.

Consultation appointments with any of our nurse injectors or master estheticians are free! 

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Russon, there will be a $150 deposit required to book the appointment. Then this deposit can be used towards your treatment that day. Or it can also be applied towards a future appointment if scheduled on the day you come in for your consultation. However, if you decide not to move forward with the treatment, this $150 deposit will be used to cover your appointment time with Dr. Russon at your time of the consultation. 

Our memberships are a one year contract, which can be paid monthly or the entire year in full. 

The entire amount paid each month is banked in your account at our spa, for you to use as you’d like!

Glam Level Membership: $100 per month. This membership lowers Botox pricing to $9.75 per unit and Dysport to $3.90 per unit. 

Luxe Level Membership: $250 per month. This membership locks in Botox & Dysport lower pricing AND all fillers at lower prices, as well as discounts on threads and spa retail products

This link also has more information about the discounts! https://www.beautifulumedspa.com/memberships/

We have two weight loss medications that are most commonly prescribed: Semaglutide and Tirzepatide.

Our Semaglutide prescription is $650 for a 6 week supply of medication. Our Tirzepatide prescription is $750 for a 6 week supply of medication. The initial consultation is a $100 deposit which will be applied to your prescription. Moving forward, we like to follow up every 6 weeks to follow up on your weight loss and to order you next supply of medication. 

You would first receive a lab slip to get your blood work done from our office. You are able to contact your insurance to see which labs are in-network with your policy.

We also offer in-house labs, which are not covered by insurance. Male labs start at $400. Female labs start at $450.

You will then have your blood drawn on day 21 of your menstrual cycle (if you have one) making sure that you have fasted 10 hours beforehand. 2 weeks after you have your blood drawn (to ensure that we have received your results in time) we will schedule you for an initial hormone consultation.

Your first appointment will cost $350 and during this appointment, you will meet first with one of our knowledgeable nurses to discuss your symptoms and concerns. After this, you will meet with Dr. Russon for 45 min to go over your blood work.  She and the nurse will put together a comprehensive treatment plan and will go over the next steps.

Then follow up appointments will be scheduled for every 3 months and the cost is $100 for each appointment.

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